Around the world and back again

Hi, I am back. Seriously. I have been unmistakeably absent from posting.

But where the heck have I been…well we took a trip of a life time to New Zealand and Australia, here are a few scenes from the first day in New Zealand.

It should not be surprising that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand, but recently the cow population has overtaken the human population. Everywhere in New Zealand was beautiful, green, and full of water.

We stopped at a small fish hut on the West Coromandel Peninsula to grab a smoked mussel lunch. We were in for a surprise as we had a plethora of flavor choices: Plain ‘Ol Smoked, BBQ, Hot Chilli, Garlic, and the list went on. We got some of each.

This was one of the most memorable roads of our entire trip. We had been around some butt clinching curves along the coast then suddenly the road turned inward and we shot up into the mountains to take in revealing vistas of the bay dotted with little white fluffs of sheep.

This was our little home on wheels. IT WAS AWESOME!

Then packed up our life in Tampa and moved to Durham, NC, got settled and hosted our family of nine people for the weekend, if that wasn’t enough then we got a puppy, Shelby!

And I am exhausted.

But I love entertaining and I can’t think of a better way to spend our first weekend in our new home than to host our family for a weekend celebration. My entire family and my husband’s family were both in town to celebrate the White Coat Ceremony, where each Med student is presented with their white coat.

This is a very important first step to becoming a doctor, to don the white coat is to carry with you a heavy load of responsibility and humanism.

Then we celebrated the remainder of the weekend by heading over to the Durham Farmer’s Market and playing hours of badminton and running around in the sprinklers. I swear we are adults.

We are now mostly settled in Durham and getting very used to our new life here. There seems to be many treasures to discover here in Durham and I believe that we will do our best to find them.

I am very much looking forward to my upcoming clients and my future clients! Here is a couple more photos from Chris and Eliese’s engagement session at Meadowlark Gardens in Washington, D.C.


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