From Leslie & David – Durham, North Carolina

“We were so delighted to have Anna photograph our engagement and wedding! From the first time we met Anna, she made us feel totally at ease–which was important because neither of us love taking pictures. She was totally organized and professional but also incredibly easy to work with. Both our engagement photos and our wedding photos were just incredible–we love looking at them and will for a long time! She captured the day beautifully. We would enthusiastically recommend her!”

From Kate & Wynn – Durham, North Carolina and Oxford, Ohio

“Anna photographed both our engagement session (spring in the Duke Gardens) and our wedding (winter in Oxford, Ohio)! Regardless of the season or setting, her gorgeous natural-light images speak for themselves, highlighting her talent, creativity, and unique story-telling approach to photography. There is so much detail and emotion within each picture; you could spend hours looking at each one! However, as other couples have mentioned, what makes Anna simply the best at what she does is her ability to remain a low-profile photographer at these events and simply become one of the friends in the room. Her upbeat presence relieved a number of stressful situations on the morning of our wedding, and her close interactions with our friends, family, and wedding party allowed the joy of that day to be captured to its absolute fullest. Under her artistic direction, our minds were put at ease – it meant so much to have the chance to sit back and enjoy the special moments of our wedding day! In general, we were very impressed by Anna’s organization, professionalism, and all-around enthusiasm for our event. She even spent time scouting out building fronts, and an old covered bridge in the area weeks before our wedding day. We also appreciated her creating a gorgeous hardcover sign-in book of engagement photos for our wedding guests to sign – a lovely memoir that we will keep for years to come. Thank you, Anna!”

From Natalee & Nick – Fort Lauderdale, Florida

“Anna photographed both our Engagement and Wedding (in the Everglades and Fort Lauderdale, FL respectively) and I can wholeheartedly vouch that she is the most talented wedding photographer I have ever seen. I could go on and on about how creative she is and what an eye she has, or even how she approaches wedding photography entirely different (and in a more sophisticated manner) than any of her peers, but just one look at her portfolio will tell you all of that. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Just as important as her talent is her warm shining personality and her astute professionalism. Anna was an absolute joy to have as a part of our special day and she felt like more of a welcome guest than a hired photographer. Of course, she was extremely professional, but she made our entire wedding party feel at ease, which shows in her work. I would not only recommend Anna to a friend, but I would insist they use her to capture their most precious memories.”

From Eliese & Chris – Woodlawn Estate, Virginia

“Anna they are so gorgeous! It’s like being there all over again. I love them, I keep going back to look at them… I’m indebted to you for life!! Thank you so much!” “I just need to say, you did a wonderful job on the wedding photos. You captured the day perfectly from start to finish. Thanks so much for providing such a beautiful testament to a wonderful day.”

From Jessica & Brad – Raleigh, North Carolina

“I couldn’t let another day go by without writing to thank you for your extraordinary work as my daughter’s wedding photographer! You were just amazing in all respects. You had the best “wedding day personality” anyone could ask for…fun, relaxed, confident, knowledgeable, organized, and creative! You made us all feel so comfortable and happy and we couldn’t have been more pleased with your efforts on that day.” – Mother of the Bride

From Katherine & Sheldon – New York, New York

“Thank you so much for the braving Hurricane Irene to photograph our NYC wedding! The pictures are so beautiful, and Anna was such a pleasure to work with! This was not only because she took great shots, but also because she adapted to everyone’s particular personality. She made it painless for the camera-shy groom by having a well thought out sequence of shots for him, and made it fun for the far less camera-shy bride by treating her to a more lengthy and candid photo shoot. On top of that she is just a very fun person who brings a lot of positive and creative energy into a room. She made our day that much brighter and made us feel like she wasn’t just doing a job, but wanted to join in the celebration of our wedding!”

From Ali & Eric – Tampa, Florida

“Thank you so much for capturing the best day of my life! Things did not go as planned but I was never worried about the pictures because I knew you wanted them to be perfect as much as I did. I love all of the photos and you!”

From Hilary & Jackson – Tampa, Florida

“You are incredible!!!!!!! These are insane!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow!!!! We covered a lot of ground–so many different “looks” of background and feel–so impressive–thank you SO MUCH Anna!!!”


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